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5ml E Liquid Bottle

Specitication of Ecannal 5ml E Liquid Bottle:


#Childproof and Tamper Evident Cap

#Flat top with triangle code

#Eye dropper with slim nozzle TPD passed

#Plastic squeezeable PE Material



E Liquid Bottle Details :


Childproof and Tamper Evident Cap of 5ml E Liquid Bottle:

-Outer cap is semi clear

-Inner cap have dozens of colors available: white,black,blue,red,pink,purple,yellow etc.

-Cap color can be customized. MOQ:30000 units/color

-Cap can be engraved with logo, need to create mould,40-50 days.


E Liquid Bottle Eye dropper

-length of nozzle passed TPD level

-Dropping speed passed TPD level

-Normal color for eye dropper is semi-clear/black

-Dropper color can be customized. MOQ: 100.000 pcs.



E Liquid Bottle Body


-E Liquid Bottle color: Semi Clear/Black

-E Liquid Bottle color can be customized, MOQ 30000 units

-Bottle can be engraved/embossed with customer logo, need to adjust/create mould, 40-50 days. 



If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us:


Phone: +86 158 8969 6745



We have rich experience on creating moulds with high quality and stable raw material for unique cap/dropper/E Liquid bottles. 

If you have any idea for different/new/unique apperance/shape of E Liquid Bottle/Part of E Liquid Bottle, please feel free to write to




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